Many a nation bequeath progress to generations; even unborn Many congresses of men, a gathering of purpose and course for development But for one; a gathering of plunderers in disguise of political officials
Men who are proceeds of dribbling correct political measures and processes They adorn themselves with Agbadas, saris and suit sitting without purpose in our political suites They receive from the common good, the common struggle, but they will never extend a hand of social brotherhood
Today a billion has gone missing, tomorrow a trillion has been kidnapped by the animal kingdom Hmm! Cartoons! Even the unborn clamors en - route; driver! Please, Nigeria not! The infant is in debt even the unborn of the Niger - area; their fathers have fattened themselves with the gains of national good for no good
Alas! What driver places his leg on the steering munching goodies while driving millions of people? Surprising? Well that’s the Nigerian reality, the beast we got to battle with The children of the so…


Society is a network of persons interacting within a geographically sovereign area, with unique culture, social institutions, values, Norms, roles, and sanctions governing each other’s behavior. This phenomenon is definitely the basis of individual behavior and personality development as deeply believed by Sociologist. American Sociologist C. Wright mills; stated that to understand the nature of individual behavior, the best context to place the individual is the social context/environment; then we will understand the reasons behind his/her behavioral patterns and the “individual uniqueness” this is the core foundation of his concept of sociological imagination.Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” C. Wright Mills (1959). The Society has without a doubt been the platform for the offshoot of great developmental strides: in technology, science, literature, in culture, in globalization, in music, in religio…


My mind once travelled upon the journey to unravel the beginning I jumped into the path; behold a bottomless ditch, still, I persist I travelled along the road of emptiness, no company, no envoy Still, I persist, I must see the ONE who before I was said to Exist

I saw Stars, shinning in their brightness, their dust filled the path Still, I persist, I must unravel the beginning The beginning that formed me, if thou wouldest not show me all, least show me a pinch Still, I persist, the mind was pacing at a speed never yet seen

I must see THEE who raineth on the just and the unjust HE Who shineth the brightest star in our realm upon all men I must see the beginning, so I rode upon the Stallion of the mind, pacing on the smoothest of grounds No end yet still I persist, I must see the beginning, my inquisitive mind thirsted

I flashed back as far as I can Wanted to touch the moment I was formed That I should recollect the instance I was thrown across Still no end, but yet, I persist

I reached for the deep …


Prosperity Could Run Through The Skies: Even Into Outer Space
Wealth Might Increase In Magnificent Rate But With Men’s Greed, Within The Twinkle Of An Eye All Will Come Crashing Like A Weak Crane

You Wonder Why Many Rich Land Lay Barren Many Beautiful Gardens Turn Garbage Grounds Why Many Children Grow Thin While Their Land Is Ladened With Milk That’s The Trick That Gluttonous Men Play; It Called Greed

The Greedy Man Would Rather Die With Wealth In His Tummy Than To Vomit The Bail Out Whose Absence Has Crippled The Economy It’s A Sad Story: For The Greedy, It’s A Happy One If He Has Swallowed Enough He Still Thinks Of Hiding More

The Root Of Mens Inequality Originator Of Excessive Suffering Stealer Of The Gains Of National Struggle Mens Greed

It Considers Not It Pities Not It Hath No Mercy Always Joyous In Plundering
Greed Never Knows Little Can Be Managed Always Wanting All Things To Its Advan+Tage Many Men Has Hugged This Beast They’ve Created Room For It In Their Soul, In Whose F…


A couple of intrigues in my Niger area; I graduated with a 4.99 Cgpa Society: and so what?
I can invent I even built a model helicopter out of scrap and the dustbin Society: and so what?
I am morally upright I love and keep the laws of my father land Society: and so what?
I work hard Earning my money from my daily struggles Society: and so what?
I shun bribery I never meddle with corrupt practices Society: and so what?
As a student I shun exam malpractice I believe in the genuity of my ability Society: and so what?
See I want to become a banker, lawyer or an accountant I want to offer standard services to everyone in the society Society: and so what?
I hope to take many kids off the streets Ensure a hope for them and ensure they are educationally fit Society: and so what?
Even though this terrain is not smiling una mehn, I am just gonna keep keeping on Society: and so what?

As a professional athlete I made sure I made my nation proud
I showed the competence and ability of Nigerians …


From steam to the combustion engine Dangerous smokes daily dished out to her baby clouds Even though we are having several meetings; signing many treaties We still haven’t attended to her daily plead

See our warmth becoming heat, hope you hear the earth speak

Many the Nations their trees; they fell Many countries their Forest; less dense Many cities uprising at much expense Detriment to the soul of the mother without replenishment

See our warmth becoming heat, hope you hear the earth speak

All the Gs; 3, 4, 5 and more To generates massive speed for our daily needs A reality and prep to face more heat Guess we aren’t checking many things, deforesting to get more Gigs

See our warmth becoming heat, hope you hear the earth speak

Even the deep isn’t left out of this gory head Mother earth’s squids and whales can’t escape the unchecked human race Coral reefs feeling the heat down beneath, tiny fishes dying of the spills ravaging the creeks Oxygen in water turning toxic; it seems the waters are now boiling



For every blackout; a billion made For every darkness a bullion van Always wondering, why the contentment with our present state Men in a mask – politicos, importers of the noise engine causing us a headache
For every dilapidated school; a billion made Invisible hands causing the deepest quakes For every salary not paid; a billion made Authoritarian hands multiplying the masses pain

For every collapsed building; a billion made Men who threw the integrity test sheet away Now the walls cracked; not only was the foundation faulty: But some Men failed

For every pond on the expressway; a billion made For every pit on our highway; some men got paid So many have somersaulted, but some has gained Oh the hydra-headed monster with tail soiling our fabric with stain

How many billion more is worth the pain? How many men are still queued for the gain? Know that such gain throws millions into pain Is our life really for the billions or for the people’s mandate?

Bolaji Olaniba (2019)